3.5-1303 8 anos atrás Apparently we can't trust m_strVideoBackend on osx.
3.5-1302 8 anos atrás Show video backend and audio engine in title bar.
3.5-1301 8 anos atrás Back to broken ES_launch but 4 wiimotes working.
3.5-1300 8 anos atrás Update before enqueue.
3.5-1299 8 anos atrás request_queue may not have anything in it on return from ExecuteCommand i.e. when calling ES_Launch and everything is reset.
3.5-1298 8 anos atrás Removed the old Accurate VBeam emulation setting from the game ini's.
3.5-1297 8 anos atrás glew1.8 debug build fix
3.5-1296 8 anos atrás Change Android project name to dolphin emulator
3.5-1295 8 anos atrás Remove something that slipped through the last commit.
3.5-1294 8 anos atrás [Android] WINDOW_SERVICE should be accessed statically.
3.5-1293 8 anos atrás Probably breaks a "fixed" issue..
3.5-1292 8 anos atrás Formatting cleanup for VideoCommon.
3.5-1291 8 anos atrás ES needs to handle it's own reply. pDevice was being used after free otherwise.
3.5-1290 8 anos atrás Revert "Revert "Fix performance issues on certain legacy graphics hardware that isn't capable of copying an integer.""
3.5-1289 8 anos atrás Missed a few asset copies
3.5-1288 8 anos atrás Generally make the Android UI better.
3.5-1287 8 anos atrás Add SimonVT's android-menudrawer. This will be used in the menu interface for Dolphin Android.
3.5-1286 8 anos atrás Have our EGL interface use our logging functions.
3.5-1285 8 anos atrás Add Swedish to Windows build system.
3.5-1284 8 anos atrás Add Swedish translations.