3.5-1330 8 anos atrás [Android] Add GLSLES3 to the GLSL version enums. Add in the version and precision qualifier to the shader header.
3.5-1329 8 anos atrás GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT can't have type of GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE with glTexImage2D. Qualcomm drivers get hit with this but all else don't care.
3.5-1328 8 anos atrás [Android] Use vsnprintf for the log messages.
3.5-1327 8 anos atrás [Android] Add in a compiling option for GLES3
3.5-1326 8 anos atrás [Android] Allow the user to select multiple browse paths.
3.5-1325 8 anos atrás Fix some of the compiler warnings that have appeared recently.
3.5-1324 8 anos atrás Build fix
3.5-1323 8 anos atrás Merge remote-tracking branch 'john-peterson/cheat2'
3.5-1321 8 anos atrás ogl: report shader compilation issues in the same way as other backends
3.5-1320 8 anos atrás Forced an exception check on short ARAM DMA transfers.
3.5-1319 8 anos atrás Immediately process ARAM DMA transfers if they are 1 block in length. Fixes the teleportation in Beyond Good and Evil.
3.5-1318 8 anos atrás GCMemcard: Initialize the current/previous DIR BAT pointers when creating a new memory card fixes issue 6288
3.5-1317 8 anos atrás Clear the texture cache when a new dol is loaded via ES_LAUNCH. Fixes the black screen in The House of the Dead 2. Abbreviated some of the information in the window titlebar.
3.5-1316 8 anos atrás Dammit Ctrl-Z. Restore a wxSpinCtrl parameter that accidentally got removed in the last commit.
3.5-1315 8 anos atrás Display the initial number of frames that are to be recorded in the Fifo Player.
3.5-1314 8 anos atrás Fix a bug where FIFO recording could not work.
3.5-1313 8 anos atrás Apply color mask when alpha test parameters change. Required to make the changes in revision be706a397720 work properly.
3.5-1311 8 anos atrás Merge remote-tracking branch 'John-Peterson/state'
3.5-1309 8 anos atrás Don't exit when bluetooth support is not available on Windows.
3.5-1307 8 anos atrás Merge branch 'fix-linux-win-resize'