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Merge branch 'GLSL-master'

Merge an endless story. The branch name is a lie, it was started as glsl, but now it is a complete reworked opengl3 backend.

It just began with simple changes which aren't supported on osx.
They either support ogl2 OR ogl3 core, but mixing isn't allowed.
As the branch name says, the vicious circle starts with GLSL, but just implementing one wasn't possible either:
- OSX supports only GLSL100 which doesn't support our shaders.
- Vertex Array Objects are needed for ogl3, but not supported on ogl2
- immediate mode isn't supported any more, so we must implement vertex buffers
- uniform buffers are recommended as else we would need tons glUniform
- postprocessing shaders have to be converted to glsl
- lots of smaller outdated issues and bug fixes :-)

Thanks at all for testing and at Sonic for converting all of our shaders to glsl130

And sorry for all upcoming bugs...